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BEDFORD based – I bring the Gym to you at your home or in the outdoors

Why do you need a Fitness Instructor?

Exercise and Healthy Eating can:

  • Improve Mood
  • Boost Energy
  • Control weight
  • Promote Better Sleep
  • Combat health conditions and diseases
  • Help manage stress

Free  Consultation

Take advantage of my no obligation free consultation – I will come to your home and discuss your individual requirements and how I work. This consultation is FREE and you make the decision as to when and how you train and to what budget.

You have nothing to lose!

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Why you should choose me:

  • I am a fully qualified Fitness Instructor (Reps 2) and Personal Trainer (Reps 3).
  • I will communicate effectively to better understand your unique circumstances and needs.
  • I can motivate you through the tougher times to ensure you get the results you desire.
  • I can help you lose weight and then show you how to maintain the new you.
  • I can create safe and effective specific tailored Personal Training and Lifestyle Coaching programmes that are both time efficient and affordable.
  • I will work on specific conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, joint problems, low self-confidence, stress and anxiety to ensure the right programme for you.
  • I am trained in First Aid and also fully insured.

All of your goals are achievable! Personal training offers a road map and therefore a journey for you to reach your fitness related goals.

“A goal is a dream with a deadline”

Napoleon Hill


This Equipment could Seriously effect your HEALTH for the better!

The equipment that I have in my mobile gym can work every muscle in the body!

It includes:

  • Swiss Ball
  • TRX (suspension training)
  • Reebok Deck
  • BOSU ball
  • Training Bands
  • Powerblock Dumbells
  • Boxing Gloves and Pads
  • Jump Ropes

My Promise to you:

No-one said getting fit and healthy was easy. But I can help you overcome any hurdles to achieve that feeling of wellbeing.

The pressures of home and work can mean there is very little time to exercise and concentrate on healthy eating. I can take that pressure away and show you exercise and nutritional strategies that mean you can  use what little time you have to the best effect and get results fast.

I have been overweight in the past and had a diet that I am not proud of. When I say I know how an unhealthy lifestyle can have a massive effect on you, I do because I have been there too.

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